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Beboy Delay Spray

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Imported Beboy Delay Spray

Imported Beboy Delay Spray. Beboy Delays Spraying In Pakistan With More Vibrant Element. An excellent disposal spray for men is Beboy Play Long Perfume Spray. The last solution to one of the most common problems with male sex is to lengthen the act of sex. When sprayed to the top, it de-sensitizes your male organ and increases the duration of your sex with men.




Beboy Play Long Fragrance Distract Blessings Spray

First time in India, do not use perfume spray
Over 300 Sprays vs. 200 Sprays in Other Get Rid of Sprays Growth Coital Time Ecu Conformity Product For Durable Performance 12% Lidocaine (Energetic Factor) vs. 10% In Special Get Rid of Sprays

Application Method

Use three or more sprays, but no more than ten on the underside of the penis head and a few on the shaft's bottom. Spray it, then gently rub it in until it seems to be absorbed. This shouldn't absorb in more than 10-15 seconds.

Erect Or Flaccid?

Quantity is irrelevant if you apply it concurrently with flaccid or erect muscles. It will be painted equally well.

How Long Before Sex Should You Spray?

5-10 Mins

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