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Sex Drive Condom

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Three Libido Classic Prolonged Condoms

increase ejaculation frequency and duration to 30 to 45 minutes.CONDOMS WITH A LONG SEX TIME DELAY BY LIBIDO (12 CONDOM PACK). Details. Main Benefit Increased sexual timing results in safe encounters and long-lasting improvement.
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The Sex Drive Condom

These condoms, called Libido Time Delay condoms, are medical aids for contraception and STI protection made of natural rubber latex.

Libido Prolong has a unique lubricant that postpones the climax, Control Time Delay, and sexual elation for an extended period of infatuation.

Has a Special Lubricant That Lengthens Sexual Excitement and Is 100% Tested electronically
Condoms should only be used once. Use only non-oil based lubricants.

Note: Using condoms outside of the vaginal area raises the possibility of injury or sliding.

United States of America

Number: 3 condoms


lengthening the ejaculation delivers greater enhancement and ensures safe sex.

Precaution: Avoid using any additional lubricants that contain grease or oil. Condoms should not be used with vaginal suppositories made of oil or grease. Please wash off the lubricant after usage. Avoid making eye contact. Stop using and see your doctor if you or your partner get a rash or irritation (burning or itching).

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